The Revelation of Jesus Christ: Explanatory & Practical


The commentary is explanatory with each verse of the text given a thorough explanation. It is also practical in that there are periodic applications where I speak directly to you concerning areas of personal spiritual need. The Scripture passage, explanation, and application are all set in identifiable sections, which makes referencing specific information much easier. An outline and time-line diagram of Revelation are also provided.

(c. 2021, 294 pages)

Principles of New Convert Living

ISBN-10-1499639945     ISBN-13-978-1499639940

The new believer has many important and exciting truths to learn about a new life in Christ. Each day is filled with new excitements and challenges. To assist in this wonderful journey toward being Christlike, the seven principles addressed in this book will help the new believer start right so he or she can end right. The topics covered are Be Sure of Christ in Your Life, Hear from Christ through His Word, Speak to the Lord through Prayer, Find Edification through a Local Church, Witness of Salvation through Christ, Give of Your Means for His Cause, and Turn from Wrong to Right. The goal in Christian living is for one to become more like Christ in thought and action. This book will help in that process.

(c. 2014, 126 pages)

Humorous Stories: Squeaky Clean


If "laughter is the best medicine," then this collection of humorous stories is just what the doctor orders for your funny bone! Fully indexed with over 1,400 applications, this is a resource prepared to put humorous stories right at your fingertips.

(c. 1999, 138 pages)